Cool Roofs surfaces represent 20-25% of the built environment and act as “Solar Radiators” so much so that around 93% of a building’s HEAT GAIN can be attributed to radiant energy (meaning the sun’s rays converted to heat after absorption).

In Australia, where the prominent source of a buildings heat gain is Radiant Sunlight and up to 93% of a buildings heat gain in summer is attributable to radiant heat. Reflective COOL Roofs should be a key focus in combating heat gain.

A Cost Saving Sustainable Solution for Residential and Body Corporate and Commercial Facilities :
Sustainable building design and energy efficient living leads to environmentally responsible economic growth. Cool Roofs offer us one of our most simple and effective Global Warming mitigation strategies.

DULUX AcraTex Cool Roof with InfraCOOL Technology reflects more of the Suns invisible InfraRed energy. Available across most colours in the 962 Roof Membrane range – Ultimately the choice is yours, Conventional or InfraCOOL Technology with Dulux.


  • Water Based
  • High Build Membrane
  • UV Resistant


  • Same day recoat, easy clean up & low odour
  • Resists pollution, chemical attack and minimises dirt retention
  • Resists damaging effects from harsh sun

By reflecting more of the sun’s energy these surfaces can be 20-40°C cooler translating into cooler occupancy zones, lowering cooling energy demand and thus delivering cost and energy emission savings.

Cool Roofs reflect maximum amounts of the sun’s rays and light reflected is reflected as light, NOT HEAT, reducing the build up and storage of heat in urban environments.

In AUSTRALIA, most commercial buildings have Galvanized and Zincalume roofing which act as poor reflectors of solar energy.

Reduced Cooling Costs:

Less Heat Penetration means lower cooling costs. Comparative studies identify cooling energy savings of 20-40% ¹are possible using Dulux® AcraTex® InfraCOOL® Technoloy

Improved Occupancy Comfort:

In non-airconditioned facilities such as workshops and warehousing, cool roofs translate immediately to cooler working and warehousing facilities, improving productivity and stability of stored goods.

Lowers Carbon Footprint:

Less use of air conditioning reduced power consumption and associated Greenhouse Gasses which is good for the environment and for you. ² Globally Cool Roof Strategy could offset 24 billion tonnes of CO2 annually.

Dulux® AcraTex® Cool Roof White delivers maximum benefit reflecting >90% of the sun’s energy. ¹ Cooling energy savings and ² Carbon offset potential based on Independent Cool Roof Studies and Research by Lawrence Berkeley Heat Island Group.

Dulux AcraTex InfraCOOL Technology for Cooler Roof Surfaces

Dulux InfraCOOL® Heat Reflective Coatings optimise the total solar reflection of a treated surface and create more sustainable structures. InfraCOOL® Technology means surfaces reflect both the visible or “coloured” light plus invisible infrared light which accounts for over 50% of the sun’s total light energy.

Sustainable cooling for commercial and residential facilities

The name behind InfraCOOL® is Dulux AcraTex, Australia’s leading ISO 9001 Quality System and ISO 14001 environmental accredited manufacturer of advanced coating systems.

Reduced cooling costs: Less heat penetration means lower cooling costs. Comparative studies identify cooling energy savings of 20-40% are possible using cool roof technology

Improved occupancy comfort: In non-air conditioned facilities such as workshops and warehousing, cool roofs translate immediately to cooler working and warehousing facilities, improving productivity and stability of stored goods

Lowers carbon footprint: Less use of air conditioning reduces power consumption and associated greenhouse gasses which is good for the environment and for you

Cool Roofs reflect over 90% of sun’s total energy

Roof surfaces capture enormous amounts of the sun’s energy, Cool Roofs offer maximum cooling and energy efficiency

Maximise reflection of both visible (colour) and invisible (infrared)

Increase cooling efficiencies by reducing surface heat by 20-40°C

Dulux InfraCOOL® colours target the 50% of the sun’s invisible infrared radiation to keep surfaces cooler, even dark colours can be made cooler with InfraCOOL® technology.

Cool Roof by Dulux® AcraTex® has you covered for Professional Roof Restoration. By reflecting more of the sun’s radiation, InfraCOOL® can keep surfaces cooler to help reduce heat build up in roof spaces that can filter into living zones.

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“Urban Heat Island Effect”

The term ‘Urban Heat Island’ refers to the fact that cities and urban areas are often significantly warmer than the rural areas that surround them. The ‘Urban Heat Island’ phenomenon was first investigated in the 1810’s when it was discovered that the air surface temperatures in London were often higher than in the surrounding rural areas. The United States Environmental Protection Agency now reports that on average US cities are up to 5.6°C warmer than the surrounding rural areas.

There are several causes of the ‘Urban Heat Island’:

  • Increased absorption and retention of heat due to decreased surface reflectivity
  • Changes in the thermal properties of surface materials
  • Reduced evapotranspiration due to decreased vegetation cover
  • Of various mitigation strategies, Cool Roofs offer the simplest and cheapest approach to stabilising global warming – reducing CO2 emissions and paying for itself in direct energy savings.

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